"Making the good life in Teton Valley even better"

Culture. Recreation. Community.

Rink Capital Campaign

The ice rink currently serves 1200+ users a week providing critical, affordable winter activities.  However, due to unreliable weather and a growing population, we need to purchase a cooling system and expand the facility to accommodate the community’s recreation needs and create economic stimulus through tournaments.

Our Vision

We envision a Teton Valley where all residents have opportunities to spend quality time with family, neighbors, and friends, through the shared enjoyment of cultural and recreational experiences.  We also envision a Teton Valley that offers world class events and facilities to support and sustain our local economies.


Teton Valley Foundation relies on the support of community members to make our events and facilities run smoothly. Since 2005 we have relied on over 50,000 generous volunteer hours to execute our programs including Music on Main and construction at the Kotler Ice Arena.  Thank you for donating your valuable time!

Photo of the Week

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