Music on Main 2018 Lineup Reveal!

We are excited to bring you our 2018 Lineup for Music on Main starting May 1st!

Bands will be released one by one on our social media pages so be sure to follow us for the latest info for all things TVF throughout the year.

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Rink Capital Campaign

The Kotler Ice Arena serves almost 1400 users a week providing critical, affordable winter recreation. In 2017 we successfully completed Phase 1 of a $1.2Million Capital Campaign by installing a cooling system to offer a full season of ice. Now we are kicking off Phase 2 to improve the facility.  CLICK TO DONATE 


Teton Valley Foundation relies on the support of community members to make our events and facilities run smoothly. Since 2007 volunteers have given over 50,000 generous hours to execute our programs including Music on Main and the Kotler Ice Arena.


Teton Valley Foundation is a non-profit organization that depends on financial support from the community at all levels. There are many ways to support us and we appreciate them all, large or small. Consider a donation today!

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