About Us

Founded in 2005, the Teton Valley Foundation formed to broaden local recreational and cultural opportunities. Located on the western slope of the Tetons, Teton Valley is a community that values the mountain lifestyle. We enhance our valley’s passion for outdoor recreation by enabling residents & visitors to connect through other shared experiences.

OUR MISSION:  The Teton Valley Foundation works to make the good life in Teton Valley even better for residents and visitors alike, through recreational and cultural programs that create community connections and enhance the local economy.

TVF currently works to fulfill its mission through its programming, including the region’s premier free all-ages concert series Music on Main in the summers and the Kotler Ice Arena in Victor, an outdoor, covered community ice rink.

OUR VISION: We envision a Teton Valley where all residents have opportunities to spend quality time with family, neighbors, and friends, through the shared enjoyment of cultural and recreational experiences.  We also envision a Teton Valley that offers world class events and facilities to support and sustain our local economies.

  • We envision a place where meaningful and inexpensive experiences in the arts and recreation are available to everyone in Teton Valley….
  • We envision a Teton Valley with a vibrant economy and thriving small businesses, supported by enthusiastic residents and visitors alike….
  • We envision a community where residents take time to celebrate with each other, enriching their lives….
  • We envision a Teton Valley in which businesses and organizations partner to attract new visitors to the valley and to make life richer for those who live here….

Every day, we work to turn these visions into realities, and look forward to continuing the growth of the Teton Valley Foundation to benefit all of Teton Valley with Cultural and Recreational programs. We are grateful for the critical support of people like you.