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Free Skating April 2nd AND Potential Program Refunds

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Dear Ice Supporters, It's been a remarkable year at the ice rink. With your support, we were able to achieve a lasting legacy for this community by installing chillers and bringing a ten-year vision to life. It's a big accomplishment for such a little valley and wouldn't have happened without the passion of our donors, [...]

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Now that the chillers are on and all of us at the rink have had a chance to catch our breath, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge Sven Taow's years of service to the Teton Valley Foundation and the Kotler Ice Arena.  Many of you know that this was his last year at [...]

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COOLING AT LAST!  After a challenging couple weeks of problem solving and  trouble shooting, our refrigeration partners were finally able to remedy the  moisture accumulation that was in the system, which is a common complication  that can occur when starting up a cooling system. Thank you for your patience  and support as we  worked to [...]

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Dear Ice community, First let me say that the board, staff, and I feel your frustration so deeply.  Even though the circumstances surrounding the chillers are out of control, we are truly sorry that you have not been able to enjoy the rink this past week. We know that you all make a financial and [...]

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Dear Ice Community, As most of you know there have been some delays in turning on the cooling system, and have been relying on natural temps to freeze the ice at the rink. (Fortunately, the ice has been amazing so far regardless!) With a project of this magnitude it's not surprising that some challenges have [...]

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