Rink Capital Campaign

The Kotler Ice Arena currently serves 1200+ users a week providing critical, affordable winter recreation. in 2017 we successful completed Phase 1 of a $1.2Million Capital Campaign effort by installing our first ever cooling system in order to meet community needs and create economic stimulus through tournaments. The next goal is to increase rink functionality and accessibility for the community including adding bathrooms, lockers for tournaments, and more.  Click to donate or learn more.


The Kotler Ice Arena (KIA) has been a covered, open-air rink for 5 years. (During the first four years it was not full regulation length).  In 2015, after our warmest winter on record, we knew it was time to take the rink to the next level by expanding the KIA to become a reliable, highly functional, quality outdoor ice arena that meets the current and future needs of the community for family friendly, affordable winter recreation and hockey tournaments.  Our goal: a functional, community-oriented outdoor skating facility (with an amazing mountain view!)

After our warmest winter in history, the acquisition of a cooling system in 2016 was an essential step. A community with only two stop lights raised a remarkable $450,000 in less than one year to achieve that end!  Historically our ice seasons last 8 weeks, but in 2017 we will be able to have a full 4-5 months of ice!

Now we begin Phase 2, which focuses on making the rink a more useable space for everyone to enjoy. If you have ever been to the ice rink on a Friday night you know that the warming hut is packed to the gills with people and there is only one bathroom!  Or if you are a hockey player, you know what it’s like when multiple teams are trying to cram into our limited locker space to prepare for their games.  Phase 2 will create increased efficiencies and services for users, help us meet code requirements by installing appropriate bathrooms, create space for girls’ to change, build an office for our Rink Manager, and will add the additional locker space needed so we can start hosting large tournaments that will help boost our local economy.


Phase 1: ($450,000) Install a cooling system to create full seasons of reliable ice, add basic lockers, and extend to regulation length            COMPLETED WINTER 2017

Phase 2:  ($300,000) Increase rink functionality with bathrooms, additional locker rooms, and expanded warming hut to accommodate tournaments         FUNDRAISING BEGINS SEPT 2017

Phase 3:  ($450,000) Create summer opportunities with a concrete slab, permanent bleachers, and extended roof  – LAUNCH DATE 2019

We are excited to launch Phase 2 of our Capital Campaign in September 2017!  The elements in Phase 2 are central to enabling us to manage the growing community demand and create economic stimulus for the valley.  We have a big vision for Kotler Arena, but we need your help to make it a reality. We’ll share our vision with you here. Please contact us if you have any questions, or to become a Kotler Arena sponsor.

CLICK HERE to make a tax deductible credit card donation to Teton Valley Foundation/Kotler Ice Arena through Paypal or make checks payable to Teton Valley Foundation, PO Box 50, Victor, ID 83455. Note “Rink Capital Campaign” in the memo.

Development Approach:

  1. Develop in a fiscally responsible, forward-thinking manner by investing in reliable equipment
  2. Execute construction and design that minimizes retroactive expense with any future modifications
  3. Construct new elements to meet current code standards
  4. Meet immediate needs of the community while considering long-range potential by prioritizing funds for a cooling system to create consistent ice.
  5. Re-prioritize construction of the rink as an open-air facility instead of an enclosed amenity
  6. Prioritize construction that has a direct impact on the economy including reliable ice and locker rooms that can better accommodate tournaments