Youth Ice Programs




Kotler Ice Arena is home to our Youth Hockey League and Skating Lessons. Both programs are available for kids ages 4 – 14 of all abilities. This is a chance for your child to learn, have fun, and exercise in winter!  Our qualified volunteer coaches train through either USA Hockey or USA Figure Skating and are eager to help the valley’s youth recreate on ice. Read below to learn more about our skating programs or to register your child.

The 2016-2017 Kotler Ice Arena Schedule is available here!
UPDATE:  The Kotler Ice Arena will be open through Sunday, April 2, 2017!




The Beginner Class will cover basic skating technique and is appropriate for budding skaters of any kind including striving figure skaters or eager hockey players who want to improve their skating skills.  The Intermediate Class (available for ages 6 and over) is for kids who already have fundamental skating skills. This class will emphasizes figure skating in particular. Intermediate students will strengthen their basic skills, like power strokes, and cover first jumps and first spins.


Group Lessons Fees:

6-lesson pass – $60/Season*

Drop in Rate – $13/Lesson*

*Fees Include Skate Rentals


Tue 4:15 – 5:00

Private lessons: 

  • Available by appointment-only on Saturdays & Sundays.
  • Fees are $40 per lesson or $200 for 6 lessons.
  • For more information contact us at or at 208-399-2ICE.

 Click HERE to register   Participants will NOT be able to attend lessons until your child is registered and paid in full. 


TVF’s youth hockey program is designed to help young people develop hockey skills while enjoying a winter activity on ice. We welcome skaters of all abilities and our dedicated volunteer coaching staff are trained to work with varied skill levels.  There are four age groups. If you have a young child who will be new to youth hockey please read our Mites/Mini-Mites FAQ’s

Prices vary depending on the age group.  Equipment rentals are available for the season.  All players must also be registered with USA Hockey, and players age 7 and older need to pay an additional $40 to USA Hockey.  Practices are 2x -3x a week depending on the age division, in addition to some games and tournaments.

LEARN TO SKATE HOCKEY PROGRAM: New to skating?   No problem!  Your child is welcome to join our hockey program as a first time player through age 10, but if they do not know how to skate, they must complete a LEARN TO SKATE program on Tuesday at 4:15 until they are permitted to join their respective age-teams.  This is for their safety and learning.



Important Dates You Should Know!


Nov 14 Registration Begins – All Programs

Dec 1-4 Youth Rental Gear Pick-ups

Dec 2 Spaghetti Fest Fundraiser

Dec 4 Early Registration Ends

Dec 5 Youth Dry Land Practices Begin

Jan 1 Late Registration Ends

Jan 2 Tentative Programs Begin

Jan 3 – Feb 7 Youth Learn to Skate

Jan 13 North vs South Pond Hockey Battle

Jan 13 Ari Kotler Send-Off & Celebration!

Jan 10-31 Adult “Learn To Skate” Series

Jan 20-22 Cutthroat Classic Pond Tourn.

Feb 3 – 5 Peewee Home Tournament

Feb 7 – 29 Adult “Learn to Play” Series

Feb 14 – Mar 21 Youth Intermediate Skate

Feb 24 – 26 Squirts Home Tournament

Mar 16 &18 Pond Hockey League Finals

April 2 – Closing Day

Fees, Practice Schedules, & Age Divisions


Mini Mites 4-6$125$150
Mites 7-8$125$150
Squirts 9-10$150$175
Peewees 11-12$200$225
Bantams 13-14$200$225


NOTE: All players must register with USA Hockey but in addition to the above fees, any player 7 years and is older required to pay an additional $40 to USA Hockey. Gear rental is also available for $40/season.

  • ICE PRACTICE SCHEDULE – Please arrive 30 minutes early
    • Learn to Skate Tue 4:15 – 5:00
    • Mini Mites Mon & Wed 4:30 – 5:15
    • Mites Mon  5:15 – 6:15; Wed 5:15 – 6:00
    • Squirts Tue 5:00 – 5:45; Thu & Fri 4:30 – 5:30
    • Peewee Tue 6:15 – 7:30; Wed 6:30 – 7:30; Fri 5:30 – 6:30
    • Bantam Mon 6:45 – 8:00; Tuesday 6:15 – 7:30

PRESEASON DRYLAND TRAINING –  With our shortened season, dryland training is one way we can be more prepared for hockey practice and tournament play.  The dryland schedule is as follows.













Peewees Feb 3-5

Squirts Feb 24 – 26

Renting Equipment for the Season


  • Season fee is $45 for the season
  • Rental bags include: Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Pants and Shin Guards.
  • In addition each child will be given a pair of hockey socks to keep.
  • NOT included: skates, sticks, and support belts but used gear is often available in Jackson and Idaho Falls
  • A $100 credit card deposit is required. You will NOT be charged if gear is returned by March 25.
  • You can rent gear on the same website that you register your child below
  • Parents are responsible for rental gear.
  • There will be a gear swap at the Kotler Ice Arena on Nov 15
  • There are three MANDATORY opportunities to pick up gear for your child on:  12/1 – 4-7 pm 12/2 – 4-7 pm 12/3 – 9 am – Noon

Additional Information for Parents


1. Be on time  –  Parents MUST arrive on time to practice with your child dressed. Arrive EARLY if they need to change.  Ice time is tight and we want to be respectful of the volunteer coaches’ time.

2. Program Goals  –   Initial focus is on fundamentals and having fun.  As ability develops team assignments will begin to differentiate according to skill

3. New to hockey? – If you have a young child that is new to hockey please read our Mites/Mini-Mites FAQ’s

4. Dryland Training – Dryland training begins Dec 5th. It is run by volunteer parents and coaches and takes place as near to actual practice times as possible at Victor and Driggs Elementary Schools.  Dryland training is included in your season fee and does not cost anything extra.  If you want your child to participate in dryland you must pick up their rental gear on  between 3-6pm at the ice rink.

5. Scholarships –  We offer a few scholarships for Youth Hockey each year which are based primarily on financial need. If need is demonstrated, priority will be given to kids who are typically under-represented in our hockey program including kids of non-white descent; girls; members of the rural farming community; etc. However, regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, or gender anyone who exhibits financial need will be considered.  Each candidate must complete an application form. Please contact the TVF Executive Director at for more information, or to request a scholarship application in english or spanish.

6. Volunteering – Parents of hockey players will be required to volunteer at least four hours of time to the youth hockey program.  There are many ways parents can help strengthen our program.  Serving as an assistant coach, a bench coach, locker room helper, parent manager, parent committee member, penalty box official, time keeper, or team liaison are just a few of the opportunities.  We also need help with everything from grilling to working the snack tables when it comes to tournaments. 

7. Questions?  Feel free to contact the rink manager at 0r 208-399-2ICE (2423)

Register Your Child



1. is our registration site.  During your registration process they will briefly route you to USA Hockey where you will also need to register your child.  If your child is 7 or older USA Hockey requires  an additional $40 fee.

2. Once you have signed up for USA Hockey, continue registration on the “Welcome” page by signing up for a new account or logging in with your account from last year.

3. Scan your child’s Birth Certificate onto your computer and then will ask you to upload it.   They will also direct you to download and fill out a USA Hockey Medical Form that. If you don’t have a scanner, make a copy of both forms and bring them to the first day of practice.

4. If you want to rent gear from us, you will be able to do so on the website for an additional $45 fee.  A $100 credit card deposit is required but we won’t process it unless you do NOT return your gear by March 31st.  You are required to pick up rental gear on either Nov 15 or Dec 13.  Staff will not make a special trip to the rink to get your child their gear.

4. You will be required to sign a waiver and refund policy for your child.

5.  If you have 3 children in the hockey program you will receive a 50% discount for the third child off of the registration price.   Be sure to sign all three kids up at once.

6. Please note that charges a small processing fee.

7. Dryland training begins Dec 5th at Victor and Driggs Elementary Schools.  As per request, session times will coordinate as closely with actual practice times as possible.  The dryland schedule is posted above.

*Tip to move past the USA Hockey section.

1.  Click on the USA Hockey form when you get to that part of the registration.

2.  Fill it in.

3.  Save it to your computer.

4. Upload it back to the registration. 

This will allow you to continue your registration where other parents have gotten stuck.

8. To REGISTER your child click on this link: TETON VALLEY HOCKEY 2016/2017

Volunteering as a Parent or Coach


We need parent volunteers!  –  Would you like to help out, but don’t want to coach?  We can definitely use you!  We are forming a formal Youth Hockey Parents’ Committee to help with things like gear rentals, tournaments, and fundraising.  We also need 1 – 2 “Parent Managers” for each team. This parent will volunteer approx 1 hour each week to help relieve some administrative responsibilities from the coaches who donate hours and hours of time to coach our valley’s kids.  Contact Willy Warner for more information at

Wanna help coach?  –  We are looking for volunteer assistant coaches for several age divisions this season.  If you would like to help, please let us know… it’s a TOTAL blast!   If you are a hockey player that is 14-18 years of age then you can also volunteer to help as an assistant with the younger players.  Contact head coach Willy Warner for more information at

Here are the requirements to be a coach or assistant coach:

  1. You MUST sign up as a volunteer coach.  Your head coach will provide you with the information or you can check back here in November for a link to the forms.
  2. You must be USA Hockey certified.  Read this document about the steps to becoming a USA Hockey coach which includes information about trainings and coaches clinics.
  3. You must pass a background check, which is part of your registration on

Are you a regional hockey team interested in playing in a local Teton Valley tournament?  Contact Youth Hockey parent volunteer Brian Green at for more information.