Teton Valley Foundation Wish List

With the variety of programs and events we host, we always have a running wish list for equipment and products. If you happen to have any of these items, and you’re ready to pass them on, we would be grateful if you could contribute them to TVF. All donations are tax deductible and will help us make the good life in Teton Valley even better!



We often have a lot of hauling to do – fencing for Music on Main and Oktoberfest; tables and tents; merchandise; and much more.

A truck (any age or style, as long as its functioning) would allow us to pull our trailer and shlep our gear, and save us from having to borrow the vehicles of our generous volunteers and supporters.

Thank you!

Used Youth Hockey Equipment & Skates


Our young hockey program is growing and we’re always looking for some extra gear to rent or loan to our new players. This year, several kids are hoping to rent gear, but we have a limited supply.  Plus, we offer free skate rentals to our local schools’ Winter Sports Programs which continues to grow.

This is a great way to let your old gear keep on giving, and to make a kid’s day while doing so.

ATV & Snow Blower Attachement


We need an ATV or Bobcat in order for our Ice Arena staff to effectively remove snow from the ice rink on windy winter days.  Currently they have to shovel snow by hand.  Please consider giving or loaning your old ATV that is still in good condition to the Teton Valley Foundation. In addition we need a snow removal blower to attach to the ATV.

Barrier Fencing for Music on Main


We still need half a dozen pieces of metal barrier fencing to successfully set up and execute Music on Main in the summers.  If you know of any organizations or businesses that have some extra barrier units please contact us.

Used Bleachers


Ultimately we will build permanent bleachers into the Kotler Ice Arena. In the meantime we need some used temporary bleachers so parents can watch their kids play hockey