Kotler Ice Arena Capital Campaign

Our capital campaign to complete the Kotler Ice Arena directly serves our mission of bringing recreational and cultural opportunities to Teton Valley. Kotler Arena is currently the only maintained ice rink available in Teton County, Idaho. Serving over 100 users per day in its first two years, the Arena offers affordable recreational opportunities for people of all ages, including ice hockey, figure skating, and broomball.

Our capital campaign is divided into four phases, described below. At the completion of our campaign, Kotler Arena will provide covered, refrigerated ice, locker room and stadium seating facilities, concessions spaces, a pro shop, and a covered outdoor concert venue. We would be grateful for any contributions to this campaign, and we are happy to work on developing matching opportunities, as desired by donors.

The Future of Kotler Arena


Phase III – Extension and Build-Up: In Phase III, we will expand the length of the facility and the rink itself, allowing for a regulation-size rink, and more space around the rink. We will also raise the “ground-level” height within the Arena to prepare for a time when we are able to provide a refrigeration floor for our ice, which will make it reliably last for a longer portion of the year. Phase III Total Cost: $369,565

Phase IV – “Saddle Bag” Side Additions: In Phase IV, we will add space to the building beside the ice, allowing for bleacher facilities, locker rooms, storage, concessions areas, and more. Phase IV Total Cost: $1,725,617

Phase V – Refrigeration of Ice: In Phase V, we will install a refrigeration system in the floor beneath the rink. This will allow us to maintain reliable, high quality ice for nine months of the year, and possibly more. Phase V Total Cost: $1,429,885

Phase VI – Exterior Landscaping and Outdoor Stage: In Phase VI, we will finish the site around the Arena, planting trees, grasses, and shrubs. We will also complete a covered outdoor stage and amphitheater as an addition on the northern side of the building. This will provide a venue for live outdoor music protected from weather, and could eventually become the new home of Music on Main. Phase VI Total Cost: $47,541

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