Become a TVF Patron

For those individuals who are interested in supporting the Teton Valley Foundation as a whole, we offer the opportunity to become a TVF Patron like Richard & Claire Manship, our incredible Music on Main supporters.  In particular, we are hoping to create a partnership with a person or foundation, to help us establish a long term ice and recreation facility in Teton Valley.  Development of the Kotler Ice Arena is a big undertaking that the community is desperate to see come to fruition. It will take a special person or entity to help see it through.

For more information please email Executive Director, Erica Linnell at or call her at 208-201-5356 to learn more about this unique philanthropic opportunity.  In addition, feel free to read the following article written in 2014 which further describes the Teton Valley Foundation’s role in our community. Becoming a TVF patron provides the opportunity for you to become a pivotal part of Teton Valley’s success.