Making the Good Life in Teton Valley Even Better!

Culture. Recreation. Community. 

Founded in 2005, the Teton Valley Foundation was formed to bring just a little more flavor to the Teton Valley! We set out to create recreational and cultural programs that could compliment our outdoor rural lifestyle, making our towns as vibrant as the mountains that surround them. Our hope was that by bringing people together for incredible events and activities–from old timers, to new comers, to tourists, to families, to young transplants–we could build a sense of community, have just a little more fun, AND create a positive economic impact on the Teton Valley.

And oh how we have achieved that goal!

The Teton Valley Foundation now boasts two of the largest events and facilities that this community has to offer. From our 8-week FREE summer concert series, Music on Main, to our covered outdoor ice rink, the Kotler Ice Arena and its programs, the Teton Valley Foundation impacts tens of thousands of participants every year. (All this in a valley with only two stoplights!) And we can’t wait to discover our next big idea for serving this community.

Our Mission/Vision: To make the good life in Teton Valley even better for residents and visitors alike through affordable recreational and cultural programs that create community connections and enhance the local economy.