131 Days of Ice!

What a happy winter it has been at Teton Valley Foundation’s Kotler Ice Arena. We are doing backflips (on ice skates like Scott Hamilton, of course) in celebration of a whopping total of 131 days of skateable ice this season! That’s over 18 full weeks of good times and healthy winter recreation in a year that saw several spring-like warm temperature stretches. This incredible season, no matter what Mother Nature had in store, is all thanks to the chillers made possible with your support in Phase 1 of our Capital Campaign.

Even with our most optimistic ice making projections we estimate we would have been open for a maximum of 33 days without the chillers. This means that we had just about four times as many days of skating with chillers as we would have had otherwise. Whoa! That’s four times the practices for our youth hockey programs, four times as many pick up hockey sessions and four times the chances to be active in the winter with the whole family. Our hockey programs have been reaping the benefits of more ice time with advancing skills, program milestones, and wins at tournaments throughout the season!

With our Winter 2017/18 ice season now at a close we want to take the time to thank all of the amazing folks in the rink community, both past & present, for creating such a positive environment for active winter recreation. This great 131-day season would not have been possible without the support of donors during Phase 1 of the Kotler Ice Arena Capital Campaign. This accomplishment has made a massive impact, and we are just getting started!

As we celebrate our current success, we look ahead to our next chapter in Phase 2 of our Capital Campaign, which launched this past fall. In Phase 2 we get down to the nuts and bolts of making this facility run at a functional level for the growing user base. Never before have the current facilities had users for so many consecutive days and we are bursting at the seams. As our days and programs grow we need your help to keep the facility on pace with the user demand. Key goals in Phase 2 are adding a bathroom (one toilet for 1,400 users a week for 18 weeks isn’t quite cutting it!), expanding locker room facilities to accommodate tournaments, and expanding the space in the warming hut. If you’ve ever been to Open Skate on a busy Friday night, you know this is a must. Phase 2 focuses on improving the facility to better our ability to host tournaments & events – thus returning the support back to Teton Valley in the form of increased economic activity in the winter.

Our Phase 2 fundraising goal is $300,000 and we call upon our passionate supporters to help us make this happen. We have raised $25,000 for Phase 2 so far & if we can raise another $50,000 by June 1 we will move ahead to expand the warming hut before next season! Please Donate Now to help us get going on Phase 2 improvements and keep making this facility better.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the rink, volunteered, coached, driven their kids to practice, and/or skated this season! Looking forward to many more 100+ day seasons!