Dear Ice Community,
As most of you know there have been some delays in turning on the cooling system, and have been relying on natural temps to freeze the ice at the rink. (Fortunately, the ice has been amazing so far regardless!) With a project of this magnitude it’s not surprising that some challenges have arisen.

The good news is that the Chillers will be going through their start-up process this Wednesday and Thursday, February 8 & 9. They should be fully operational by the end of this week!

The bad news is that we need to CANCEL ALL PROGRAMS ON Monday, February 5th, including Youth Hockey practice and Stick n Puck due to warm temps and melting ice.  If someone were to skate on thin, soft ice and knick the pipes with their skates it could be a serious problem. Thus we must be conservative.

Please note that we will be making day to day decisions about the ice rink this entire week due to projected warm temperatures. Please check our Facebook page and website for updates. Youth Hockey Parent Managers please reach out to your teams.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience with the ups and downs of bringing this incredible project to life.

Erica, Jeff, and the entire TVF Staff & Board

Erica Linnell
Executive Director
Teton Valley Foundation
Erica D. Linnell
Executive Director