The million dollar question..WHEN WILL THE KOTLER ICE ARENA OPEN? Here is an update from the TVF Executive Director:

Happy New Year Ice Lovers!
The question you have all been dying to ask…When will the ice rink open? First, I want to give a HUGE shout out to my rink staff Jeff Buydos, Sven Taow, and Tim Morley for working their tails off the last two weeks to achieve that goal.

I also want to thank Wilkinson-Montesano Builders for working overtime to get all the construction projects taken care of; Three Peaks Plumbing for laying down all the tubes; Mike Dery and his crew of volunteers for building almost ALL of the decking; the McHargue family and Ice Builders International for their donated wisdom and guidance; Dave Leinert and his 98 Electric posse for doing hours and hours of electrical work; and Jeff Loban for volunteering to help oversee the effort.

So now to answer your question….unfortunately, we aren’t sure yet.

THE GOOD NEWS: We will have chillers this year and once we turn them on we will have reliable, consistent ice!

THE LESS-GOOD NEWS: Dealing with 9 miles of piping, the nuances of the new boards, the complicated electrical components of the chillers, and working around mother nature has been QUITE a learning curve for us. Everything has taken a bit longer than we had anticipated. (On the bright side, we won’t have to relearn those lessons next year, so next season we will be able to open in November!)

We promise to update you as we know more. Currently volunteers are helping to make ice the old fashioned way while we work on adding coolant to the piping system and finishing the wiring. If you are interested in helping to make ice this week–or potentially to help paint the ice–please contact Jeff Buydos, Rink Manager, at

We will also need a bunch of volunteers next week to help put up our “new” glass–to replace the old fencing– before we can play hockey. This is necessary in order to protect bystanders. Let Jeff know if you want to lend a hand.

We know you have all made investments in our programs. Depending on what our ultimate opening date is, the TVF Board and I are committed to evaluating all the options for the season once we open, whether that be re-assessing our proposed closing date or other possible creative solutions.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support! Turning on those chillers for the first time will be an incredible community achievement.

Erica Linnell
Executive Director
Teton Valley Foundation