UPDATED  (11/1/21)
Following are the COVID protocols for the Winter 2021-2022 rink season as they stand currently. If any state, county or city regulations change, we will update our policies and procedures here and at the rink. It is our goal to keep our users safe and our programs up and running:

MASKS: Due to the ongoing risks associated with the Covid-19 virus and the Delta variant, TVF continues to strongly encourage the wearing of masks throughout the Kotler Ice Arena by our rink users and program participants. Current local mask mandate requires that all TVF Staff wear a mask at all times when indoors, including the Pro Shop, warming hut, locker rooms and bathrooms. If these mandates are lifted, staff will continue to be strongly encouraged to wear masks while indoors and serving our skating community.

WARMING HUT, RESTROOMS, VENDING AREA: The warming hut will be open to the public, however, there will be no congregating allowed. We ask that you restrict your use of the warming hut to purchasing or picking up of items at the pro shop window, to accessing the vending machine or to using the bathrooms and to do so as expediently as possible. If you are arriving for a program and do not need these services, please continue directly through the building to the bench area in our open-air arena. Again, while in all spaces, masks and social distancing are strongly encouraged.

LOCKER ROOMS: We are currently allowing use of the locker rooms. Please understand that this area poses the highest risk at our rink and if state, county or city regulations change, TVF may need to set more stringent restrictions.  We have recently installed a new ventilation system. Still, we strongly encourage all users to wear masks when in the locker rooms and to limit your use to less than 15 minutes, thus limiting your exposure to others. Coaches, please use the player bench areas for team meetings whenever possible. To minimize further risk, TVF encourages users to arrive at the rink dressed to play, negating the need for locker room use altogether, and to use the outdoor benches, practicing social distancing.

ILLNESS: If you experience ANY Covid-19 symptoms, tested positive within two weeks of program date, had direct contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19, or were prohibited from attending school or work due to Covid-19 protocols, please do not participate in programming, and do not return to practice or participate in any programing until symptoms have cleared, or you have tested negative.

POSITIVE TESTS: Should you test positive for Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and were possibly contagious when you attended a program, please contact us by emailing  In this email, please include the date you first experienced symptoms, the date you tested positive, and all Kotler Ice Arena programs (dates and times) you participated in within the last two weeks.  All the information you share including your results and personal information will be kept confidential.  We will contact participants for the purposes of  contact tracing and will never contain personal information such as names.  

CONTACT TRACING: We will be keeping records of who attends all of our programs, both public (open skate, pick-up hockey, and Kid’s stick and puck), and private (programs that require registration).  This information will only be used for contact tracing purposes, and no personal information will be shared within our organization or with any third parties.

COVID SPECIFIC REFUNDS: If we need to suspend a program (either temporarily or permanently) due to risk of exposure to Covid-19, we will be refunding participants at a “per week” rate.  This means you will be refunded for the weeks we were not able to operate your program due to Covid-19.  This refund policy only applies to situations that WE need to interrupt programming.  You will not be refunded for not attending a program, for any reason, if the program is not cancelled.

Please remember, your decisions directly affect your teammates’, community members’, and all rink skaters’ safety and ability to experience a full season.  We are all in this together, and we at Kotler Ice Arena are doing our part to keep our facility and programming safe for the community we love to serve! Thank you for your patience and respectful consideration for all points of view.