Dear Ice Supporters,
It’s been a remarkable year at the ice rink. With your support, we were able to achieve a lasting legacy for this community by installing chillers and bringing a ten-year vision to life. It’s a big accomplishment for such a little valley and wouldn’t have happened without the passion of our donors, volunteers, building partners, and the community at large. In fact, it was 60 degrees last week and you were still skating!

To thank you for your commitment and perseverance, we want to invite the entire community to skate on closing day for FREE! Join us this SUNDAY, APRIL 2ND FROM 1:00 – 4:00 and enjoy free admission for you and your family. Skate rentals will still be $3, due to our limited supply.

Despite the challenges associated with the chiller installation, we are happy that the rink was open 9 weeks this year!. This was two weeks longer than last year, but less than our stated goal. We have closed the history books on ice being dependent upon Mother Nature, and we look to a future filled with many months of skating. We are currently evaluating opening and closing dates for next year and we expect the season to be DOUBLE the length of what it was this year. We will announce the final plan in early summer.

As a small non-profit still learning the intricacies of building and running a public skating facility, we cannot tell you how much the day-to-day encouragement from the mightiest mite to the grandparent in the stands, means to our staff. To recognize the reduced ice time, and your continued trust, patience, and investment in the programs being offered at the Kotler Ice Arena, the TVF Board has decided to offer a PARTIAL REFUND for select programs that we were not able to reschedule. Please understand that this is a unique, one-time refund for this year only. Moving forward, we must comply with our standard refund policy that you sign, which allocates refunds for medical reasons only.

We are thrilled to be able to offer a refund, but for anyone who would prefer to decline their portion, please know that we will be sure to continue using those funds to expand and grow our programs and facility for next year. (Next on the list…an edger so we can smooth out the periphery of the ice!)

Taking into consideration the number of weeks we were closed, overhead costs, and additional staff hours, we would like to extend an approximate 20% refund to the programs we couldn’t reschedule in March. Women’s Hockey, Youth Hockey, and Season Pass Holders qualify for the refund. Pond Hockey, Youth Skating Lessons, and Adult Learn to Play will not receive refunds because we were able to reschedule make-up sessions for all the slots that were cancelled.

Should you decide to claim your refund YOU MUST COME IN PERSON per the schedule below. We apologize, but we cannot provide any refunds by mail or online. You can pick up your refund in person during the following times, (which coincide with the revised Youth Hockey equipment drop off).
Mon, April 3rd 4:30 – 6:30pm
Wed, April 5th 4:30 – 6:30pm
Sat, April 7th 1:00 – 3:00pm
Mon, Apri 10th 4:30 – 6:30pm
Wed, April 12th 4:30 – 6:30pm

Refunds apply to registration fee only, NOT rental gear or USA Hockey fees. (Coaches will not receive registration refunds for any children because they already receive a 50% – 100% discount for one child)

Minimites & Mites: $25 refund per child
Squirts: $30 refund per child
Peewees: $40 refund per child
Bantams: $40 refund per child

(No refunds for coaches on Season Passes because they already receive a 50% – 100% discount)

Individual Season Pass: $15 refund
Individual Pass with Skates: $20 refund
Family Season Pass: $25 refund per family
Family Pass with Skates: $30 refund per family

Games OR Practices only: $15 refund
Games & Practices combined: $25 refund

Thank you again for your dedication to the success of the Kotler Ice Arena. If you have questions please contact our Executive Director, Erica Linnell at As the rink closes, we are shifting our focus to finalizing Music on Main talent. Look for the band announcement by the end of April. We increased our music budget this year by $10,000, so you can expect a spectacular line up!

Erica Linnell, Executive Director Henry Jones, Treasurer
John Fisher, Board Chair Jeff Loban, Board Member
Dawn Felchle, Vice Chair Dave Lienert, Board Member
Kate Hull, Secretary Bob Heneage, Board Member