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Volunteer for Kotler Ice Arena 2022/2023

Teton Valley Foundation relies on the support of community members to make our events and facilities run smoothly. Since 2007 volunteers have given over 50,000 generous hours to execute our programs including Music on Main and the Kotler Ice Arena.

There are so many ways you can become involved; from volunteering to serving in the concessions stand or helping set up at Music on Main.  We have volunteer opportunities to help with fall projects at Kotler Ice Arena.  If you would like to help out please email us, we’d love it!

Volunteer for Kotler Ice Arena!

“I love volunteering for Ice For Ice!  I get to see friends, hear good music, and help a great cause all in one night.” – Volunteer


Music on Main Concerts Since 2007

Feet of Chiller Piping at Kotler Ice Arena

Music on Main Concert Goers Since 2007

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General Mailing Address:
PO Box 50, Victor, ID 83455                       Phone: 208-970-7486

Music on Main Location:
80 N Main Street, Victor, ID 83455

Kotler Ice Arena Physical Location:
380 S. Agate Avenue, Victor, ID 83455     Phone: 208-970-7498

Executive Director: Megan LaTorre

Music on Main Program Director: Tibby Plasse

Kotler Ice Arena General Manager:  Miranda Milligan