Teton Valley Foundation offers a variety of adult skating and hockey programs including coed or women’s hockey leagues,  “Learn to Play”, “Learn to Skate”, pick-up hockey, and more.  Scroll down to learn more about our programs or to register. 

Oct 1 –  Registration opens.  Early rates until Oct 31.
Nov 1 – Late registration rates until Nov 15
Nov 11 – Kick Off Party w/ live music & exhibition hockey game!
Nov 13 – Formal programs begin
Nov 14 – Women’s Hockey open house
Feb 9-11 – Women’s Big Hole Bonanza Tournament
Mar 9-11 – Cutthroat Classic (adult goalie tournament)
Mar 15-18 – Pond hockey finals
Mar 18 – Closing day

Adult Skating Lessons & Programs 

COED ADULT LEARN TO SKATE  – Want to learn to skate to keep up with your kids?  Or maybe you already know how to skate but want to improve your skating ability so you can play hockey? Join us on Tuesdays from 7 – 8pm between Nov 21 – Dec 19. (Skate rental included)

5 Adult Learn to Skate sessions for $75  –  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

ADULT NOON SKATE – (New this year!)   –  On Mondays at noon, adults can get exercise or practice their skills during their lunch break.  Skaters can use sticks or pucks to work on stick handling but no scrimmaging permitted.  Dropin Fee or Season Pass required. CLICK HERE FOR PRICES

PRIVATE LESSONS  –  Private lessons are available on the weekends for $50 per session.  Email rink@tetonvalleyfoundation.org for more info.

PUBLIC SKATING PROGRAMS  –  Join our open skating sessions on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays  — practice your skills, or skate with your family and friends!  Click HERE for more info about open skating. Skate rentals available.  Drop-In fee or Season Pass required. Click for 2017/18 Schedule.  [/learn_more]

Drop-in Hockey

Drop-In Hockey is designed for players who want to scrimmage in a fun, more informal environment than an actual league.   League players are welcome but still need to pay a daily drop-in fee or a season pass. (Season Passes also good for ALL open skating sessions).  Click for 2017/18 schedule

  • Coed Pick-Up Hockey: Mondays 8:00pm-9:15pm and Saturdays 8:00am – 9:15am
    • Standard, coed drop-in hockey ages 16 & older.  Helmets required.
  • Goalie Night Pick-Up:  Wednesday – 8:30pm – 9:45pm
    • Slightly more aggressive play with goalies, slapshots, etc. – FULL PADS REQUIRED for all players
  • Family Stick & Puck: Sundays 3:30pm – 4:30pm
    • A chance for kids and adults to play together as family and friends
  • Adult “Noon” Skate:  Mondays 12:00pm – 1:00pm
    • Get some exercise, practice skating skills, or work on stick handling or shots on goal (no scrimmaging allowed)

DAILY FEE:  Adults $7 /  Children $4 /  Skate Rentals $3

SEASON PASSES:  Individual Pass (skate rentals not included) $100 / Individual Pass + rentals $125/ Family Pass (skate rentals not included) $200 / Family Pass + rentals $250

Coed Pond Hockey League

Our coed adult pond hockey league is a recreational adult league intended for players age 18 and older. It is 5 on 5 and uses pond hockey goals.  Currently there are ten teams, with up to 15 players per team.  People can sign up as “free-agents” and we will do our best to find you a spot on a team, space permitting. Each team plays weekly on EITHER Thursdays between 7:15 – 10:45 pm or Saturdays from 7:00 – 9:30 pm.  Teams play 15 games plus an end-of-season playoff.  Click Here for 2017/18 Schedule

Team Fees – Team fees only include league games/playoffs.  Pick-up hockey or open skating require a drop-in daily fee or a season pass.

  • Pay by Oct 31: $1,500/team
  • Pay by Nov 15: $1,700/team


  • ALL players MUST register online and cannot get on the ice until they sign the associated waivers.
  • Free agents – Call Jay Mazalewski FIRST at 208-270-9058, then sign up on the form below if he is able to fit you on a team.
  • Team captains must pay the full amount to TVF by check or credit card by the due date, then be reimbursed from team members.
  • TEAM MEMBERS click here to register
  • TEAM CAPTAINS click here to register & pay

Rules & Regulations

  • 2016/2017  Pond Hockey Rules 
  • Helmets are required
  • A scorekeeper will help track goals and keep the basic peace (cost is included in team fees)
  • This a fun league. If you want a high level of competitive play there is a league in Jackson.

Questions? – Contact Jay Mazalewski, Pond Hockey Coordinator, at commish.tvphl@gmail.com if you need more information.

Women’s Programs & Hockey League


If you aren’t quite ready to commit to the Women’s Hockey League, there are several fun options for women to dip their toes into the world of hockey and skating.  You do NOT have to do these programs prior to joining the Women’s League but they can help build skills and confidence.  If you aren’t ready for hockey, focus on improving your skating skills first in our Coed Learn to Skate program. The Women’s Only Learn to Play is the same as the Coed Learn to Play, but with an emphasis on female camaraderie, fun, and learning!  We may have some limited gear available for women to use.  TUESDAYS 7 – 8PM.

  • Women’s Only Learn to Play – Feb 6 – Mar 6 ($75 for 5 weeks – includeds skates)
  • Coed Learn to Skate – Nov 21 – Dec 19 ($75 for 5 weeks – includes skates)
  • Coed Learn to Play Jan 2 – Jan 30 ($75 for 5 weeks – includes skates)




Teton Valley Foundation’s Women’s Hockey is an entry level recreational program intended for players ages 16 and older. This is a fun way to be active in winter, meet other Teton Valley women, get some exercise,  and improve at a new sport.  No experience is required and practices are designed to support both beginners and advanced players.  Scrimmages on Tuesdays and practices are on Sundays with dedicated coaches!   The most comprehensive option is to sign up for the entire league including games and practices, but there are some intermediate steps you can take if you are unsure about the full league:

  • Half League: You can sign up for JUST games or JUST practices if you don’t want to do both.  You cannot mix & match.
  • Drop-In: Women can  drop-in to a Women’s League practice for $15  to try it out….your first time playing hockey for beginners is free!  New players must email us in advance to come to an initial league practice.
  • Beginner Alternative: Women can sign up for our 5 week Learn to Skate or Play series as a stepping stone (described above)
  • Team Meeting & Open House November 14 – bring someone new and you get a free skate sharpening voucher!
  • Equipment: We have SOME limited gear available for use, especially for beginners coming for their first practice just to try it out (you must email us in advance!)  We also have some limited equipment available for renting through the season.  Purchasing used gear is a great option. 

League Fees Per Person                 By November 1st                    After November 1st

  • Games AND Practices                $250                                                   $275
  • Games OR Practices                  $150                                                     $175
  • Drop In                                       $15 per night

Women’s League Schedule

  • Practices – Sundays 4:30 – 5:45pm
  • Games – Tuesdays 8:00 – 9:15pm
  • Tournament – One home tournament February 8 -10.  Optional additional travel tournaments
  • In House Tournament – NEW for 2019! Women’s In House Tournament to close the season March 20th & 21st.
  • Be on time! – Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to practice to get dressed.  Respect your teammates’ & coaches’ time.


  • All players must register, sign the online waivers, and pay by credit card online or a check on the first day
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent sign a special, separate waiver.

QUESTIONS? – Contact Crista Pentz, Women’s Hockey Coordinator, at tetonhockeywomen@gmail.com for more information.

Adult “Learn To” Series

We are expanding our popular Adult “Learn To” Series which now includes Coed Learn to Skate, Coed Learn to Play, or Women’s Only Learn to Play to help adults learn OR improve their abilities in either skating or hockey.  The 5-week sessions are great for both true beginners OR those with experience who want to get better at their craft.  Pond Hockey players who want to expand their skills and knowledge of the game will learn a ton, while adults who don’t know how to skate at all can master the basics to keep up with their kids.  Classes will be adapted to accommodate different abilities in the same practice.


  • Coed Learn to Skate: Nov 21 – Dec 19 
  • Coed Learn to Play: Jan 2 – Jan 30
  • Women’s-Only Learn to Play: Feb 6 – Mar 6

FEES PER PERSON:  $75 for a 5-weeks (Includes skate rental if needed)

  • All players must register online, PAY IN FULL, and sign a waiver BEFORE they can practice.
  • Hockey gear not provided EXCEPT we do have some LIMITED rental equipment for Women’s Learn to Play to grow the program. EMAIL US

Questions? – Email us at rink@tetonvalleyfoundation.org