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Teton Valley Foundation’s Kotler Ice Arena is proud to be a member of Learn to Skate USA! This beginner skate program is endorsed by USA Hockey, US Figure Skating, & US Speedskating. Learn to Skate USA provides standardized skating instruction from national experts and gives supplemental sport insurance coverage to you as a member. Membership in Learn to Skate USA helps make sure all of our participants are on track for skill based success and building the best foundation for their skating or hockey future.

Membership in Learn to Skate USA is required for all Kotler Ice Arena skating program participants. Please register with Learn to Skate USA before signing up for Kotler Ice Arena Youth Skate Programs. Register at . Fee is $16 for the year.


PRE-K CLASS  – (Ages 3 – 5) Our Pre-K class is designed for 3 – 5 year old skaters, who are brand new to the ice!  We offer a smaller group experience allowing our coaches to focus on balance, moving from sitting on the ice to standing, and forward motion advancing to stopping if developmental progress allows.  We ask that parents remain in the building watching from a distance during this course’s lessons. 

BEGINNERS CLASS – (Ages 5 – 7) Our Beginners class is designed for 5 – 7 year old skaters, who are brand new to the ice or those who are working on the basic fundamentals of balance and forward motion.  We offer a mid-group size and separate by ability level if necessary.  In this class, we customize teaching to the ability level in the class, as even beginners vary in development speed.  We focus on everything from standing, balance and forward motion, to stopping, turning, backwards skating and understanding edges.

INTERMEDIATE CLASS (Ages 6 – 12) Our Intermediate class is designed for 6 – 12 year old skaters who have developed the fundamentals of balance, stopping, and turning.  We will be further developing skating fundamentals through fun games and skating drills.  While this course can serve as an introduction to hockey skating fundamentals, it will not include any specific game play or drills.  Our games and drills are designed to develop skating ability only.


2021-2022 Fees & Schedule – REGISTRATION OPENS OCT. 15

Session 1 – 5 week course, November 9th – December 7th

Lesson times & Cost:  All Session I classes are on Tuesdays

Pre-K: Tuesdays 1:30 – 2:15pm, $75 per session

Beginners: Tuesdays 4:00 – 4:45pm, $80 per session

Intermediate: Tuesdays 4:45 – 5:30pm, $85 per session


Register here FIRST for Learn to Skate USA

Then, Click HERE to register for any Session I classes.



Thanks to a kind and generous donor who is invested in supporting future skaters, we offer partial and full scholarships for both Youth Hockey and Ice skating. Scholarships are based primarily on financial need, but priority will be given to kids who are typically under-represented in our hockey and skating programs. Regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, or gender, anyone who demonstrates financial need will be considered.  Each candidate must complete an application. Please email us at: info@tetonvalleyfoundation for more information, or to request an application.


Private Lessons

Private lessons may by available by appointment.  For more information email us at


Contact Miranda at