Now that the chillers are on and all of us at the rink have had a chance to catch our breath, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge Sven Taow’s years of service to the Teton Valley Foundation and the Kotler Ice Arena.  Many of you know that this was his last year at the rink and he has finished working for the remainder of this season.  Sven has lots of different jobs and a family that he has to juggle, so the time has come for him to say goodbye to the ice rink. (I think Sven had to wait until he could trust that we would get those chillers installed and turned on!)

Sven has been with the organization for 4 years and put his heart and soul into making the ice rink and it’s programs the best that it can be for this community.  His passion and commitment to its success are unparalleled. (Plus, he is the only person I know who can fix a Zamboni with a swiss army knife!)  Anytime we would need some new technology or tool at the ice rink, Sven’s response was usually, “Oh, I can probably just build that so we don’t have to buy it!”

Please join me in thanking Sven for his years of service, knowledge, vision and loyalty.  He will be deeply missed. (On the plus side he will be playing a lot more hockey so you will see him around!).


Erica Linnell

Executive Director