The Tin Cup Challenge is an annual community giving campaign and fun-run that is sponsored by our local Community Foundation (CFTV).  CFTV raises matching dollars on behalf of all the nonprofits in Teton Valley in an effort to create a match fund that can increase donations.  In 2020, our dedicated donors helped the Teton Valley Foundation raise the maximum match amount of $25,000.  Thus CFTV gave us an additional $15,000 thanks to the support of the Tin Cup Challengers! This means that every dollar you gave to Teton Valley Foundation in the Tin Cup challenge in 2020 came to us as $1.60, a record match! We are overwhelmed by the immense generosity of our Teton Valley community and will continue to work hard bringing you the quality programming you have come to expect of Teton Valley Foundation. Thank you!

The 2021 giving period runs from June to late July each year.

Check back in the spring

for the 2021 Tin Cup giving period dates. 

Ready? Set? GO!!!