TVF is partnering with a private donor to share in the costs of more than $3000 in scholarships for skating lessons or youth hockey programs at the Kotler Ice Arena. (And that does not include the 50% fee reduction we give to coaches’ kids because they donate so much time to support their teams!). Depending on what age divisions kids sign up for, we expect to support 10-12 kids in either skating lessons, a youth hockey team, or girls hockey.  

Links for appplications in english and spanish are listed belwo as well as the 2017/18 schedule so parents can figure out practice times for the various programs and age divisions. 

Some specifics:

1. We require a mimimum contribution from the parent of $40 in most of our programs (see attached) except for our 8 week skating lesson and 8 week girls hockey which we do not require a contribution (unless they do all 16 weeks).  HOWEVER, if there is a family who can’t even afford the $40 we will consider waiving that contribution if they have a sponsor advocating on their behalf and verifying that the minimum payment would cause a hardship. 

2. If a parent doesn’t have the ability to fill out the form due to reading, writing, or language limitations we are happy to meet with them with a translator OR a “sponsor”  can fill out the form on their behalf as long as it is the parent’s signature and they understand the requirements of participating.

3. If a parent wants their child to participate but they are uncertain they can get their child to practice during work hours, we may be able to figure out carpool rides with fellow Youth Hockey parents if you are willing to help facilitate, so that doesn’t necessarily need to be a prohibiting factor. 

If you are someone you know is interested in taking advantage of this opportunity please download the attached forms. And thank you for helping to spread the word so we can recruit some awesome kids!  Final KIA Schedule ’17  KIA.spanishscholarship.2017 KIA Scholarship Request.2017 

For more information contact TVF Executive Director, Erica Linnell, or 208-201-5356