Teton Valley Foundation relies on the support of community members to make our events and facilities run smoothly. Since 2007 volunteers have given over 50,000 generous hours to execute our programs including Music on Main and the Kotler Ice Arena.

There are so many ways you can become involved; from volunteering to serving in the concessions stand or helping set up at Music on Main, to being a coach or referee for a Youth Hockey program, to helping serve at Hockey Fest.  We even have volunteer opportunities to help with fall projects at Kotler Ice Arena.  If you would like to help out please email us, we’d love it!

Click here to volunteer for Music on Main 2019 today!

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer for Music on Main!

1. Free slice of pizza per night. (Thanks Pinky G’s!)

2. One free beer (or wine) per night (Thanks Grand Teton Brewing & Moonshine Liquors!)

3. Free Music on Main T-shirt

4. Chance to earn FREE Grand Targhee Lift Tickets (Thanks Grand Targhee!)

5. Chance to win a Giant Cruiser Bike  (Thanks Peaked Sports!)

6. Chance to earn a plethora of other great prizes (Thanks to all of our sponsors!)

7. Be an important part of helping us raise funds to make our Valley a great place to live

8. Have a blast with other Teton Valley volunteers and make new friends!

9. Receive undying gratitude from local Music Lovers

10.  Feel good about your contribution to our amazing Teton Valley community!